For the first time in my modest artistic career, I have published comic work available for preorder! I was selected as a winner in Aspen Comics’ talent hunt earlier this year, and as a result, one of my images will be published as cover B of issue #4 of their mini-series Santeria: The Goddess Kiss. 

The series is about an EMT who unwittingly receives the power/curse of a supernatural Santeria goddess. It’s written by David Wohl, with art by Giuseppe Cafaro and Wes Hartman. 

Best Way to Order

The best way to order is through your local comic shop. Just contact your shop, and tell them that you want to order item DEC161287 from Diamond Previews. Or point them here: 

Diamond Previews

Good Way to Order

You can also pre-order right from your computer through Midtown Comics in New York City. I buy a lot of my comics through Midtown, and they are very reliable. They have the artist names mixed up, and it’s going to say that you’re ordering the Callahan cover, rather than Webster. Cover B is the right one though, and Aspen will get the credits right when the book comes out. 

Direct Order from Midtown

Bad Way to Order

Waiting for your local comic shop to stock the book in February will probably not work out. If they don’t know that you want the book, they won’t stock it. 

Comics are non-returnable inventory. Shop owners are squeaking by on very small profits, and to keep from going out of business, they only order items that they are sure will sell. Any non-DC or Marvel book is not likely to be stocked in any significant quantity, if at all. For this reason, independent books depend on pre-orders to survive. Stjepan Sejic wrote a journal that explains it very thoroughly here: (Keep in mind that English is not his first language.)

From the bottom of my heart, thank you all for your support. 

I would definitely recommend reading the rest of this series, and in my opinion, you can’t go wrong with any of Aspen’s books. Personally, I buy everything that they publish. 

Any questions, hit me up on email or Instagram